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Home Statistics and News Information for DAAD International Scholarship Holders During Coronavirus

Information for DAAD International Scholarship Holders During Coronavirus

For scholarship holders who are receiving financial benefits from DAAD during the pandemic, specifically, those who were planning to come to Germany for a period of time to study, commence and internship, or for research purposes, the DAAD has announced a set of regulations that will be taking place and that students should be aware of. The information concerns students who are due to be funded in the coming days or weeks, however, it might exclude individual scholarship programmes.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a cause for concern ever since its outbreak in Germany, and the world. Apart from its obvious threat, the pandemic has rearranged the way people live, work, and study. Classes have shifted online and there have been numerous changes to the way the higher education system works. Some internships or scholarships have been postponed, as exams are also expected to be held at a more convenient time.

Find the information regarding DAAD international scholarship holders below:

Scholarship Holders Who Are Already in Germany

For those who are currently in Germany as DAAD-scholarship holders, the DAAD informs that their scholarship will continue to be paid. You are advised to duly proceed with your studies or research even during the pandemic, through a digital-basis. In case you are insured through DAAD, the insurance will be covering benefits in case of coronavirus infection.

Scholarship Holders Whose Funding Is Due to End Soon

If you are a scholarship holder, currently in Germany, and unable to return to your home country due to coronavirus and your scholarship is due to end on 31 May, you should inform your DAAD section immediately if you are unable to secure funding while in Germany.

Depending on the circumstances, the DAAD might be able to proceed to pay the scholarship monthly, until you are able to leave Germany. Your insurance coverage will also be continued.

Scholarship Holders Who Are Currently at Home Leave or Research Trip Abroad

Scholarship funding, including family benefits, for students who are currently in their home country or a third country, will continue monthly if they are unable to return to Germany/home country. If you belong to this category of students, you should inform the DAAD of your absence of more than two weeks.

The scholarship must be cancelled, interrupted, or continued on an online basis after the second month of absence. Generally, the insurance coverage will be interrupted along with the scholarship payment.

Scholarship Holders Who Have Left Germany Due to Coronavirus

Scholarship holders who have left Germany as a result of the coronavirus pandemic can choose from three options, either terminating the scholarship completely, deferring it for an initial period of six months, or continue the scholarship on an online basis at home. In all these cases, the scholarship will be paid for the month in which you leave the country as well as the following month.

In case you want to continue your scholarship online in your home country, you must inform the DAAD by proving that you are committed to attending the project online. Health insurance coverage will also be terminated in case you terminate or defer your scholarship.

Scholarship Holders Whose Funding Period Is About to Start

Starting dates of many scholarships have been postponed due to the current coronavirus situation, and this is also the case for scholarship holders who are about to receive funding but have not entered Germany yet.

If you belong in this category and have already received a scholarship payment, that payment must be paid back or it will otherwise be balanced against other payments according to the DAAD.

Documented cancellation costs, visa application fees, or vaccinations will be reimbursed. Vouchers for cancelled flights will also be considered as refunds. A paid travel allowance will be offset against cancellation costs.

In case it is still unclear whether your scholarship has been postponed, no reimbursements will be made since these will be included in the travel allowance you will receive once funding begins.

How Are International Students in Germany Handling the Situation?

As the contact restrictions in Germany are gradually being reduced, German universities have proceeded with their summer semesters on an online basis. The higher education sector in Germany has been working hard ever since the outbreak of the virus, in order to ensure that students face as little disruptions as possible. Numerous international students have returned to their home countries, and many others are attending their online classes from Germany.

According to a survey conducted by Studying-in-Germany.org portal, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the plans of 85% current and potential international students in Germany. With border controls in place, postponed examination terms, closed testing centres, and especially with the threat of the pandemic still being prevalent, numerous students have either decided to cancel their plans altogether or their plans have been affected in other ways.

As an international student in Germany at the time to COVID-19, please find our article on the frequently asked questions during the pandemic here.

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